SD Blackout AHB-1 "DINO" Mod (Cazares Retribution)

This mod will bring you damn near the direction of the SD Dino Cazares RETRIBUTION Pickup.

Duncan Blackout AHB-1 Dino Mod

All you need is a .047u (47nF) capacitor. Solder this cap between the output of your AHB-1 (or Switch) and the input of your 25K volume pot.

All you have to do now is play FAST :-)


This simple and really cheap mod forms a high pass filter wich removes that massive low end and also lowers the enormous output a bit :-)

Download this Layout as PDF :
SD Blackout AHB-1 DINO Mod

If you need that fat low mids but want to tighten things up a little bit, use a .1u (100nF) capacitor instead. This will remove bass, but leaves the nice low mid growl.

If you only want to remove the floppy sub bass frequencys of the AHB-1, use a .22u (220nF) capacitor.

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